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Current State at NCI

The hospital has been in operation for over 50 years and to date does not have a Medical Intensive Care unit.

The Surgical Intensive Care unit has been in operation for 20 years and currently is a 3 bed unit.

Due to the lack of space and beds at the surgical ICU most critical patients cannot be operated at NCI and therefore are constantly transferred to other hospitals where they are not taken as high priority due to the perception of the illness. This has unfortunately resulted in the loss of many lives which can be prevented going forward with better resources.

Future Plans at NCI

The hospital is looking at expanding the Surgical Theater and its surgeon’s carder to better aid the demands of the hospital. However with this comes the need for a bigger surgical ICU for post operative treatment to support its expansion plans.

Due to the high demands of the hospital and the lack of beds, equipment & space constraints in the surgical ICU the hospital is focusing on expanding the existing 3 bed unit in to a 7 bed Surgical ICU.

Action Plan

  • Phase 1 – Converting one of the current operating theatre’s in to a Medical Intensive Care Unit.
  • Phase 2 – Building of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.
  • Phase 3 -  Purchasing equipment for the Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Phase 4 – Furnishing  the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Equipment for the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

  • 6 -7 ICU beds.
  • 4 ventilators
  • 6 Multi Para Monitors
  • 20 Syringe Pumps
  • Wall oxygen / Air / Suction Pumps for 6-7 beds
  • Portable Gas Analyzer
  • Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Dialysis Unit (Preferably for the Medical Intensive Care Unit)

Fundraiser for this Project

The Colours of Courage Trust will be organizing a Six a Side Cricket Tournament on the 29th of Nov 2009 @ NCC Grounds. The event will comprise of 45 leading companies all coming together to support this cause.

Each participating team will make a contribution of USD 1000 towards the setting up of the Surgical ICU Project.

The main sponsors for this event are as follows.

  • DHL – Main Sponsor
  • HSBC 
  • A&E      
  • Real FM – Official Media Sponsor

This will be a fun filled day for you and your families so do join us and be part of this memorable event!