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"I want to tell you about my son.

Ever since he was little, he has looked after me. I am his mother, but he does much of the looking after. When he was a little school boy, he would do odd jobs – whatever he could find – to bring home a little extra money for me. That’s the kind of boy he was.

And now, he is a man, but still the same little boy in a mother’s eyes. I want for nothing as long as he is around.

My name is Marie Fernando. I have cancer. It started in my breast and moved to my neck. Two operations in three years. It’s easy to lose heart when your hair falls out, and it feels like life is slowly draining away.

But I have my son, and he never let me fall. He comes with me to the hospital, every time. He holds my hand, and he talks to me. He is my pillar, my rock, my strength.

I am a survivor.

Because, I have the will. I want to see my youngest daughter safe. I want to see her happy. I want to see my son successful.

 I am a mother.

And my love can conquer anything – even cancer. I am so blessed. Every time my son walks beside me, holding my hand. His hard work to support our family. I look at him and I know, I am blessed.

And so, don’t feel sorry for me. Because I am not a victim.

I am a survivor."