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Background of the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama

The National Cancer Institute was established in 1958, with just ten medical officers administering radium therapy to patients in three wards. Over the years, as the incidence of cancer increased, the infrastructure of the hospital was developed to accommodate the new cases. Statistics indicate 15,000 patients to be diagnosed with cancer annually.

Today, the National Cancer Institute accommodates 800 in-ward patients, of which eighty percent are from outstation, including the North and East. Special concern is given to patients from war ravaged areas and tsunami devastated areas, who are particularly deprived of health care and transport. The National Cancer Institute is the most frequented institute for cancer treatment.

Our Aim

The Colours of Courage projects are aimed at upgrading the facilities of the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama. At present, some of these equipment are non existent or not in operation due to the lack of funds. The Colours of Courage Trust hopes to upgrade the facilities by purchasing vital medical equipment as well as providing the required support services.

Help is always appreciated. If you wish to support the Colours of Courage Trust via a monetary donation, our bank details are given below. We encourage you to visit our web site regularly to learn more about our organization, projects, and ways you can support us.