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Benefit of the Project

Medical Intensive Care Unit

Patients who suffer from cancer & receiving cancer chemotherapy are very liable to infection as their immune system is depressed. Therefore when they get any infections such as pneumonia it rapidly spreads to the blood stream producing a serious state called scpticaemia. Such conditions often lead to multi organ failure including heart, lungs & kidney failure. So patients with multi-organ failure cannot survive without an Intensive Care Unit Facility.

This will be the first Medical ICU that will be set up for the patients at NCI in Maharagama.

Surgical Intensive Care Unit

The project will support the hospital expansion plans and thus accommodate more patients to undergo major surgeries.

This in tern will reduce the number of patients being transferred to other hospitals for ICU treatment.

Patients can be closely monitored after surgery for changes in blood pressure, & fluid imbalances, oxygenation of the lungs, fluctuations in blood pressure and electrolyte imbalances ensuring high quality in service and care for the critical patients.