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Welcome to the Colours of Courage Trust

We are an organization dedicated to the National Cancer Institute and the patients it treats.

The courage and tenacity displayed by the patients who frequent the cancer hospital is remarkable. Many are from underprivileged backgrounds and can barely afford treatment.

Yet the spark of life glows bright in their eyes.

The National Cancer Institute serves the entire nation and is the only public cancer care institute in the country. Daily, it treats thousands of patients throughout the country.

Help is always appreciated.

The Colours of Courage Trust aims to ensure a flow of philanthropic finance that will be put to use developing the cancer hospital.

We encourage you to explore this website to obtain details about the National Cancer Institute and the Colours of Courage Trust and its project plans, and information on how you can contribute to our cause.

Event Updates

Summarized Financial Statement of Colours of Courage Trust for 2018

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Updated 11th Nov 2018

Summarized Financial Statement of Colours of Courage Trust for 2017

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Updated 31st March 2017

Ministry of Health acknowledging the completion of the Tellippalai Trail Cancer Hospital and handover to the Ministry.

“Trail 2017 : Total Funds Raised”

Updated 10th July 2017

Summarized Audited Accounts 2015/16

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Updated 18th December 2016

Summarized Financial Statement of Colours of Courage Trust for 2014/15

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Updated 18th January 2016

Summarized Financials of Colours of Courage Trust (Trail Project) for 2014/15

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Updated 18th January 2016

MAST Far East, Sri Lanka, donated LKR. 500,000/= (funds were raised by Mast Team having a Pelotonia Bike Ride), to the Tellipalai Trail Cancer Hospital in Jaffna, a project of the Colours of Courage Trust.  Rod Hobbs, Country Manager of MAST Far East, Sri Lanka handing over the cheque to Dr. Uma Shankar of the Tellipalai Base Hospital.”

Summarized Financial Statements
Colours of Courage Trust (Guarantee) Limited.

Derived from the audited financial statements for the year ended 31st March 2014.

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Updated 9th September 2015


Summarized Financial Statements
Colours of Courage Trust (Guarantee) Limited.

Derived from the audited financial statements for the year ended 31st March 2012.

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Updated 4th September 2013


Summarized Financial Statements
Colours of Courage Trust (Guarantee) Limited.

Derived from the audited financial statements for the year ended 31st March 2011.

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Updated 30th July 2012

Construction of Surgical ICU at the NCI to Begin with Ceremonial Laying of Foundation Stone

The 26th of December 2011 saw the foundation stone for the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) being laid at an auspiciously held ceremony at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Maharagama under the patronage of the Director of the NCI, Dr. Kanishka Karunaratne. Construction of the SICU, part of an eighteen month project initiated by the Colours of Courage Trust, will begin in early January, with a projected completion date for mid April this year. This is phase two of the same project the Trust carried out with partners MAS Holdings, A&E & other donors , which saw the successful completion and handing over of the state-of-the-art Medical ICU along with medical equipment at a total cost of Rs. 70 million in 2011.

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Updated 4th Jan 2012

Proposed Radiation Treatment Centre
– Base Hospital Tellipalai

Updated on 1st Nov 2011

In Remembrance of Mr. R. Senathi Rajah

The Colours of Courage Trust acknowledges with deep sorrow the passing away of Mr. R. Senathi Rajah, Senior Partner of Julius and Creasy - Attorneys at Law, and member of the Board of Directors of the Trust. Mr. Senathi Rajah showed total commitment and dedication not only to his legal profession, but also towards the fight against cancer, dedicated to supporting in the upliftment of cancer care facilities in Sri Lanka. He was unanimously appointed the first Chairman of the Colours of Courage (COC) Trust by the Board of Directors due to the credibility and recognition he earned among his colleagues.

His leadership shone through even during his last days, attending all fund raising activities on behalf of the Colours of Courage Trust, never failing in his responsibilities. His generosity was unlimited throughout all projects initiated by the COC, offering advice where his experience and support was needed. A distinguished gentleman, Mr. Senathi Rajah always had time to listen to his colleagues and subordinates, providing guidance in their time of need, encouraging them to reach their highest potential, all the while recognizing and rewarding excellence.

He will be remembered and truly missed for the exemplary leader, generous benefactor and humble individual he was.  

Colours of Courage Trust Presents the National Cancer Institute with First Medical Intensive Care Unit

In an effort to further strengthen and enhance cancer care facilities offered to patients in Sri Lanka, the Colours of Courage Trust in partnership with MAS Holdings and A&E, together with many generous donors handed over the first Medical Intensive Care Unit to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital on the 5th of September 2011.

The Urmila Amalean Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) was declared open by Her Excellency, Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa, First Lady of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The six-bed MICU will consist of all facilities complying with required health standards as well as an isolation unit and a separate dialysis unit for cancer patients.

Most cancer patients, being highly susceptible to infection soon after treatments such as surgery, chemo therapy and radio therapy need to be isolated in an Intensive Care Unit, which despite the NCI’s 50 year history, was a facility that cancer patients lacked. The procedure was to transfer them to the Colombo National Hospital or other hospitals for ICU facilities. Keeping in line with the hospital’s expansion plans while facilitating improved cancer care services at the NCI, the COC and their likeminded partners embarked on the MICU project, which was understood to be the most imperative requirement.



Trail – A Journey by the Living, for Life


The Colours of Courage Trust together with our like-minded partners have initiated a historic journey across Sri Lanka from Dondra, its Southern tip to Point Pedro in the North, in a bid to raise US $ 2 million to build a Paediatric Cancer Ward in the Jaffna General Hospital. Trail, a journey by the living, for life, will commence from the Dondra Head Lighthouse on the 1st of July 2011 at 8:00 a.m. and will cover a distance of 670km in the span of 27 days.

In line with the health policy of the Government of Sri Lanka to build multiple regional cancer care centres, Trail aims to build this cancer treatment facility in Jaffna which will immensely benefit patients in the Northern, North Western, North Central and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka, who at present make day-long journeys to the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama, the only public cancer care institute in the country.

Visit www.trailsl.com for more information and ways to contribute to this generous cause.

Silver-Tip Tea Auction

An Auction of a lifetime where hearts will bid against the darkness of Cancer on the 11th of February.

T-Sips along with Colours of Courage hopes to host a unique fundraising initiative, A Silver Tip Tea Auction. The auction will feature 15 Lots of the world’s finest tea – The Silver Tips. The 15 lots of Limited Edition Silver Tips will go on auction and each lot sold will contribute towards the construction of a Medical Intensive Care unit and a Surgical Intensive Care unit at the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama. A proportion of each sale will also be utilized to help 15 children in their fight against Cancer by contributing towards their treatment.


The Event

Their Dream is to Live’was the rallying call in a record setting performance on Friday morning as Expolanka Teas in collaboration with the Colours of Courage trust sold off a 100 g lot of Silver Tips tea for a staggering Rs. 1 million at a Charity Auction of Limited Edition Silver Tip tea

The auction was to raise funds for the National Cancer Institute of Maharagama dedicated to the welfare of cancer patients.

The Auction raised a sum of Rs 6.4 Mn in total

Sri Lanka’s Finest Rally Together to Fight Cancer

Six of Sri Lanka’s best known leaders, the crème de la crème of the business, sports and administrative arenas in the country, came together on the 11th of June 2010, to share insights on the paths they took towards exceptional leadership. The ‘Talk Leadership. Fight Cancer’ Leadership Seminar was attended by over 300 delegates from 60 top corporates of Sri Lanka. The seminar was organized by the Colours of Courage Trust, an organization founded in 2008 to address the needs of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Maharagama, and the patients entrusted to its care.  



7 days of Christmas at Gandhara

7 days of Christmas at Gandhara was launched with a fashion show and Charity Auction in aid of Cancer Relief through the Colors of Courage Trust.  This promotion was built around the theme of Christmas, a season for giving.

The show featured top of the range fashion brands – Michael Wijesuriya, Yolanda Collection, Kathmandu, Sandy’s Designer Collection, Swanee Batiks…etc. Selected items from the show (as well as items from Gandhara partner outlets) were auctioned during the show with all proceeds going to the Colors of Courage Trust.


A blood donation campaign

A blood donation campaign was held at the Christian Centre in Rathmalana on the 6th of March 2010 organized by  the COC Trust.

A total of 85 donors were present on this day. This campaign was held in aid of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital for patients in need of urgent blood.


NOT OUT! A Second Chance For HOPE…

The Colours of Courage Six a Side Cricket Tournament ended successfully on the 29th of November at the NCC Cricket Grounds. Congratulations to DHL in wining the overall championship!

As promised… It was a fun filled day for all those who participated with many attractions taking place.



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